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360 Muscleup, Handstand-Tigerbend

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Challenges set for summer 2014. *and now Fall

360 Muscleup
Handstand Pushup to Tigerbend
30 second Handstand on Posts
30 second OAEL (One Arm Elbow Lever)  with legs together and arm to the side

A Side Note: People at the gym assume I learned gymnastics as a kid and are usually surprised when I tell them that I didn’t start training any of these moves until I turned 60. I wish I’d started 40 years ago. These moves  require an investment in time and many practice sessions to gain control and at my age time is at a premium. I don’t struggle to get strong, I struggle to stay strong.

Big Set Back
08/18/14 damaged left elbow and shoulder while training rebound move on Slackline.
Recovery Log
08/24/14 able to do pushups. Can’t straighten arm
08/26/14 able to train OAEL both arms. Handstand with left arm on elevated support
08/27/14 played volleyball but very hindered by left arm.
09/13/14 Tore skin on both hands. (Minor, mostly inconvenience.)
09/15/14 Able to do Human Flag, consider left arm and shoulder mostly healed. Return to Muscleup360 training


Handstand on Posts Progress 09/15/2014

Barstarzz Challenge Fail 09/13/2014


I lifted for 20+ years using gloves and then decided I’d be better off toughening up my hands and gave up gloves. I’ve learned there is a time to wear gloves. I also learned that old athletic tape on a bar creates a lot of friction.

Barstarzz is one of the best known groups promoting Street Workouts. They have some of the most talented athletes in this sport. Now and then they will post a Workout Challenge which is a selection of moves-exercises to be completed as a timed event.

The Challenge
7 Muscleups
25 Dips
10 Pull ups
25 push ups
10 Leg Raises
7 Muscleups

I failed but I plan to train muscleups and try it again. This video is my benchmark.

One Arm Elbow Lever: Tips and Techniques 08/29/2014

LA Fitness does not allow OAEL with a Kettlebell. I agree, it is a liability issue, but it looks cool.

This video demonstrates a few tips and techniques I use for training the One Arm Elbow Lever. My summer goal for this move. Hold position with legs together and arm to the side for 30 seconds. Summer is almost over and I’m at a 10-15 second performance level.


This move is considered an advanced move however the difficulty lies more in the “fear” of the move than the execution. Some people have excellent air sense and can mentally track where they are when twisting/flipping. My air sense is not great. Video taping practice sessions help. There is a moment you lose sight of the bar when things can get a bit wonky. I have an adjustable bar and this is an important training aid for this move. Injuries slow down progress and it’s not like I have a lot of time left so I try to find ways to cushion the inevitable falls. For a crash mat I am using an inflatable tube used for skiing. It works well enough.  I’m still testing whether a big kip and push off is better or worse than a quick twist.

Handstand-Tigerbend, First successful transition from handstand to tigerbend!  Just a couple light foot touches on wall for support. Of the different challenges over the last few years, I have gotten the most satisfaction from learning the one arm elbow lever. If I can conquer HS-TB-HS, it will move to the top of my “hey, look what I can do list”, which as every guy knows, is the most important list that starts when you’re three and really gets going when the opposite sex comes into the picture.

Buffalo Tip: Never stop working on your  “Hey, look what I can do list”

HS-TB, another fairly successful transition Tutorials suggest you should be able to hold a handstand for 30 seconds, do 5 handstand pushups and hold a tigerbend for 30 seconds. Holding the tigerbend has been the toughest for me. I don’t enjoy practicing this move. When learning the tigerbend your face is either just off the floor or nose and forehead mashed into the floor. With your butt in the air and face mashed into the floor, it looks… well it’s not a good look and people will generally move away from you in the workout area. You learn right away if your gym has clean floors.

07/27/14 Progress Clip

Coming closer to the 360 Muscleup. Moving my focus to holding on after the catch. I understand why wearing gloves is recommended. There is a lot of force at the end of the catch and it will surely tear off callouses. The challenge with performing handstands on the balance posts is not falling off and landing on one of the neighborhood dogs. There is a new labrador retriever pup named Lily who has joined the local pack and she enjoys bonking noses with me.

Current Training Stats 09/15/14

475 miles logged in barefoot running shoes
170+ 5ks since starting back to running in 2012
Slackline, longest balance 30 minutes (serves little useful purpose)
50 passes with Juggling clubs on Slackline (hard to do but looks ridiculous)
180 Handstand training sessions
1 minute One Arm Elbow Lever Straddle
1 minute Handstand
L-Sit to Handstand to L-Sit
1/4 mile on Unicycle (also hard to do but looks ridiculous)
Human Flag 7 seconds ( every second counts)

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