In 2013 I competed on American Ninja Warrior.  It was a great experience! I put hopes on a second chance and trained especially hard for a try in 2014 but didn’t get the call.  Although very disappointed, it became a challenge that has driven me train even harder and broaden my skills. The submission for ANW Season 7 is in and the wait is on over.Oh well, on to other challenges.

American Ninja Warrior 2013

American Ninja Warrior 2013

Doing60 was created as a way to share a few of my interests with the main focus on age related fitness. While growing up in the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s, there were very few 60+ year old athletic role models. Like many fellow baby boomers,  I assumed by the age of sixty, athletics would be very limited. What I’m discovering, and I can only speak for myself, is that a person’s physical capabilities can be better than when they were young. In my twenties, I had 5-10 years of physical training but now at 60 I have 40+ years of trained muscle to call upon.   If this blog has a mission, it is to change the perception that age defines ability.

Almost everyday for the past 40 years I have walked into a locker room, bag slung over my shoulder and prepared myself to train.


I am a guy who couldn’t wait to be 60!


I built my own obstacle training station, I run mud races, play competitive racquetball, take on fitness challenges and you’ll find me most Saturdays on a backyard beach volleyball court where players have been getting together for over 25 years. Since turning 60 my interests expanded to include slackline, unicycle and freestyle calisthenics, a sport which has grown out of street workouts.

Starting January 1, 2015 I picked up a Cyr Wheel! It is a challenging piece of equipment and I’m trying to log at least 1 hour of training each day.

I worked 10 years performing and managing professional water ski shows. When I left professional waterskiing, I thought my best athletic days were over. I’m happy to report, they were not. No one ever told me you could feel this good at 61. Don’t let age define your abilities. If you make exercise a daily part of your lifestyle and maintain that routine for a decade or more, you will be surprised how well the body  performs over time. I am still learning new things in my training and am always fascinated by what the body is capable of achieving.

I have never used steroids, HGH or testosterone. My supplements are Creatine, BCAA and Protein Powder. I swear by 2 beers and  chocolate daily.

doing60 YouTube Channel

Savage Race FL 0ct. 2013

Savage Race FL 0ct. 2013

Celebrating a great day. Took first in 60+ age group.

Savage Race Oct 19 2013 by the numbers.
6,251 savages *24 savages were 60+ years old
My Results: 1st in 60+ with time of 1:08 (time also out performed both 50-54 and 55-59 age groups) 43rd overall (last race I was 70th overall)

I am a Senior Software Developer for Digitec. I focus on developing KnowledgeDirectWeb an Online Learning Management system.  I have been a programmer since 1996, the early wild west days of the internet.

What’s with the Buffalo?

The Great Buffalo came to me one night and told me to take a spirit walk. The walk had to be 100 miles and it required carrying 100 lbs. I started out carrying 100lbs, built a Brickshaw and finished the final 5 miles carrying 225 lbs.

bucketlist_100The Brickshaw

After the walk of pain, I told friends I’d found my inner buffalo and thus the nickname “Buffalo”.  The 100 Miles-100 LBS. challenge lead me into developing other 100 Hundred Challenges such as standing on my head for 100 times for 100 seconds, 100 sets of 100 pushups with new challenges popping up all the time.

Cancer has taken several physically active friends of mine before they reached 60 so I count my blessings, don’t take myself too serious and when I feel weak I try to pick myself up to honor their memories.

By the Bar

I enjoy challenges and am consistently determined. For the past 20+ years I have gone into work 30 minutes early so I could extend my lunch break in order to work out. Jobs changed, gyms changed but the lunchtime routine continues unbroken. I also built an Obstacle/Calisthenics Training Set so I could pull muscles and sprain ankles in the comfort of my own backyard.

Upon my commitment to start working out again at age 38, I set a goal to become a senior athlete, which by my own definition meant being at least 60 years of age and able perform as well athletically as I did in my 20’s.

Over those years I kept a log of workouts and with strength gains, I also gained tidbits of knowledge which I will share on this blog. I learned how long it takes to recover from an injury, tricks to lift a bit more, the benefits and drawbacks of nicknames, why you should not let your 5 year old daughter pack your gym bag and even some insights to life in general.


My background includes growing up in “The Cleanest Little City” in Iowa where I worked a number of odd jobs in my youth including a summer on a  garbage truck which is a pretty good work out.  I learned to water ski behind a 50 horse Johnson on a muddy water lake off the Mississippi with dreams of becoming a Cypress Gardens water skier.

Spent my college summers as a counselor at Circle F Dude Ranch Camp in Lake Wales, Florida where I learned to ride horses and go without sleep.

I later spent 10 years as a professional water ski performer and show director for Sea World, Marine World Africa USA, and Water Ski Shows, Inc. I was the first skier to perform a Gainer off the ski ramp on full length jumpers.

Looking back, I realize that for nearly 40 years I have walked into a locker room, bag slung over my shoulder and prepared myself to train. Locker rooms are my second home. In all those years, I’ve  had money stolen 3 times and my towel stolen once.  Recently I opened my locker after a workout and was shocked to find the locker empty, I was certain I’d been robbed. Clever thief put my clothes, stacked just like I stacked them, in the next locker over.

Double Front Flip

Double Front Flip with brother-in-law Trace Gallagher of Fox News

There were a few years I spent as a Flight Instructor and Cargo Pilot.  I was fortunate to survive a few partial engine failures and left aviation to pursue other interests, like staying alive.

I worked News Graphics for WKMG in Orlando for 3 years, where I was remembered for putting up the wrong lotto numbers one sleepy eyed Sunday morning. Sorry dude…

Early Kite Flying Days
Early Kite Flying Days

My interests include racquetball, volleyball, windsurfing, sandsailing, obstacle courses, slacklining, cartooning, stunt kites,  banjo, guitar, writing and listening to others tell their stories while having a cold beer.

Go Horns High!






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    Keep up the good work and I hope you drink vintage single malt scotch to assist your 60 spirits.
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  2. Bob Gallagher

    I enjoyed the stories Randy and look forward to more. When I read about your experience at the Dude Ranch, however, and your remark about going without sleep, I kept reading it as “going out with sheep.” Actually maybe that’s why you weren’t getting enough sleep. Bobby

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