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doing 61

I have finished my year doing 60. The blog was started to fulfill several purposes. It was a place to gather feedback on a few writings. I hoped it would improve my chances to be invited back to American Ninja Warrior. I intended to have a series of interviews with athletes in their sixties. There was the possibility of selling my own creative works.

The results
I did not get invited to ANW, the site did not generate sales, the interviews fell through, although I shared correspondence with some interesting people, and I succeeded in making “buffalo” a parody of myself and a nickname I will unfortunately be stuck with for awhile.

Some people thought the blog’s purpose was to inspire others my age to work on their fitness but that was never the intention. Most people I know in my age range are too stubborn to change. What I tried to do was write a series of notes to the 30-40 year old version of myself in the form of Buffalo Tips. It may sound odd but after leaving water ski shows when I was 33, there was always a burning question in my mind “How long could I have performed? When would I be at a point where I could never go back?” So many questions about the future. These questions evolved into a general curiosity about fitness later in life. The mud races and fitness challenges lead me into a number of new interests and pursuits. Street Workout is a name for a growing sport involving calisthenics and there are many moves I’m slowly and diligently trying to accomplish. If the  blog continues it will focus on training as an older athlete.

So to my younger self, here is maybe the last buffalo tip.

Buffalo Tip: No man should grow old without ever seeing the beauty and strength of which his body is capable.


doing 61

Progress Clip 07/13/14

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