Ninja Warrior Training Station


Obstacle Training Set Up

Obstacle Training Set Up

Updated Obstacle Training Set Up. Added separate Kip Bar Oct. 2014

obstacle front_left  rear_right

Obstacle Rig August 2013

In my quest to return to American Ninja Warrior 2014, I designed, built and train on an Obstacle Rig. It began with just a vertical wall 18 months ago. You will need to ignore the quality of construction and trust me when I say it is fully functional and mostly safe. Many areas have been built, tested and rebuilt so it is constantly a work in progress.

The advantages of this design is that it provides a number of training stations in a small footprint. It can be built for a low cost and it is easy to fabricate.

Training Stations:
Kip Bar (no photo)
Vertical Wall
Peg Board
Hanging Straps
Vertical Pole
Adjustable Pull Up Bar(s)
Salmon Ladder (Salmon Jammin’ Evening,,,)
Rope Climb
Dip Station
Handstand Platform
Finger Hang
Slackline (set up within a feet of the obstacle set. If you are not familiar with Slacklining view my post: (Call Me A Slacker)

Coming Soon:
Spider Wall
Rock Climbing Handholds

Typical Training Circuit
I train 3-4 times a week on the Obstacle Rig and have developed a general circuit described below. This training is in addition to my regular lifting and running sessions and the combination is very compatible. Meaning, I’m not finding myself overly strained or burned out. I recover quickly and have no pain.

First Circuit

I start with Slackline to warm up and work tricks in my 70-80% success range for about 5 minutes.

Pull Up Bar
First circuit I will do several “skin the cats” trying to drop feet as low to the ground and then recover and hang by my knees then repeat. This loosens my shoulders.

Human Flag
1-2 reps per circuit

The handstand device (Parallete Bars) is made out of pvc about a foot tall. This is a great training aid! I kick up and if I go over the wall is there to stop me until I find my balance point. The Handstand device is also an aid to training elbow levers.
Alternate between Parallete Bars and Handstand Posts

Juggling Clubs
The juggling clubs are not pictured. I have a set and find the training is helpful for hand eye coordination. This is a good recovery task after arms spent.

Second Circuit and Beyond

Slackline (5-10 minutes)
Human Flag
Arms Option (Salmon Ladder, Muscle Up, Back Lever, Dips or Peg Board)
Vertical Wall (run several warm ups off lower cheater board then move to higher board for full attempt at wall)

I run this for an hour or so and each time is different. The fun aspect of this training is that there are so many areas to build new skills. Since there are so many new skills, there are lots of little rewards when you learn a new skill. Also, I find myself thinking quite a bit about what I can try next. For example, I tried sitting on a wooden stool on the slackline and I discovered a new way to fall.

Training Clips on Obstacle Rig

The Obstacle Rig was built to assist my training for American Ninja Warrior but I’m finding it has redirected my training towards more  body weight  and balance calisthenics. I’m garnering some nice side effects as well including stronger and more defined abs without sit ups.

American Ninja Warrior provided enough legitimacy so friends and neighbors wouldn’t think I’d totally lost it when I built I this playground. Friends are now starting to ask about coming over to play on it. Even my wife grudgingly accepts it. I think the Brickshaw wore down her resistance.

Below are illustrations of the design with general specifications. I will be adding a parts list sometime soon.



front_right_b obs_topview_b

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  1. Scott Dickey

    My son is a huge ANW fan and wants me to build him a coarse in our 1 acre back yard. We have looked at a few different home builds and think yours is the best and the easiest to build. At the end of your article you mentioned a parts list that would be publishing at a later time. I would love to get that list if possible.
    Thanks for the website and the illustrations, you make it easy to picture the possibilities

    Scott and Dawson(7 yrs old)

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