Circle of Seven Lion Trainer

The Lion Trainer in Circle of Seven was inspired by Ron Whitfield.

While working as a Water Ski Show Director for Marine World Africa USA in 1982 I met Ron Whitfield. Ron spent 20 years training lions, tigers and elephants at Marine World Africa, USA. The breadth of Ron’s experience and training is unmatched, and he is considered by some to be one of the world’s top trainers of animal ring acts. Ron’s techniques are compassionate and rewarding to his cats, and it shows in the way they treat him.

Ron is now Director, founder and head animal trainer for Wildlife Companions.

Wildlife Companions fulfills a promise Ron made to each of his cats – to provide them with a place to retire and to live their older years in peace and relaxation.

A portion of the proceeds from Circle of Seven will be donated to Wildlife Companions.

If you would like to help, please visit.

The poster above is from my days at Marine World Africa USA. I recently dug it out of the attic. It features Ron with one of his lions.

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