Rudyard Kipling 2.0

An elephant and a cheetah met in the jungle one day.

Each animal envied the marvelous attributes of the other. The elephant wanted to have the sleek lines and amazing speed of the cheetah. The cheetah felt scrawny next to the elephant and desired to have his massive strength. He envisioned himself pushing trees aside as he strode through the jungle.

The elephant did everything to try to slim down. She ran everyday, took diuretics, cut her meals in half and stood out in the burning sun trying to sweat off extra water weight and attain the perfect tan.

Skinny Elephant Jeans

The cheetah did everything to bulk up. Ate lots of pasta, rice and chicken. Drank protein shakes morning, noon and night. Took steroids and started wearing Tap Out wife beater shirts.

fat cheetah

The results were predictable and disgusting. The elephant was emaciated and her skin sagged. The cheetah gained so much weight he could barely jog let alone chase down a rabbit.

Both the elephant and the cheetah constantly whined and complained about how life had been so unfair to them.

The whining and complaining became so well known and so incredibly annoying that soon a TV producer from Hollywood offered the young elephant and cheetah their own Reality Show.

The show became an overnight sensation and made both of the young animals wealthy and popular well beyond their wildest dreams. They were invited to the best parties, flew in private jets, hounded by the paparazzi and asked to give their political opinions on Fox News.

Unfortunately, within a year their show was cancelled and replaced by a show about a rapping walrus who was bipolar and loved tattoos.

Walrus Tattoo



Both the elephant and cheetah are currently in rehab and no one is returning their calls. 

Buffalo Tip: Accept the type of animal you are and make the most of your unique attributes . Enjoy these attributes, there are others who wished they had them. Don’t worry so much, because one day you too will be like the elephant and cheetah. You will be gray AND have spots. 


How I Made The Skinny Jean Elephant Girl.

I started with three photos from the web.

Using the selection tool in my graphic software, I selected the model’s arms and bare torso, copied and made an object.

Using selection tool I did the same routine to cut out the baby elephant’s head and the foot from the elephant’s toe image making two more objects.

I sized and positioned the Elephant’s Head cut out on the model’s body.

Achieving The Elephant Skin Texture On The Model’s Torso.

Using a Cloning Tool, I picked different areas of the Elephant’s head and brushed the texture onto the torso cutout. I discovered the wrinkles worked out well to give the torso the emaciated sagging look. View wrinkles on trunk and wrinkles on torso, you’ll see how the cloning worked.

Elephant Hands

I took the elephant foot cut out and made a second copy so I had two cut outs. I flipped one of the cut outs horizontally to have a left and a right. Using the Skewing tool I sized, rotated skewed and then positioned the feet over the model’s hands.

I used the Cloning Tool to touch up hands and I also touched up the model’s feet.

I threw it together fairly quickly but enjoyed the result.

The Fat Cheetah Photo Source:



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