Fitness Challenge

There seems to be a growing trend for online fitness challenges where participants are asked to post a video of themselves completing a challenge. Usually awards are given for “Best Time” , “Best Effort”, “Best Form” and there may also be divisions such as age groups, gender, body weight etc.

These challenges are a great way for a fitness organization or fitness related product to promote itself.

The benefits of YOUTUBE combined with the low cost and easy access of video capture devices and makes it easy to put a quick video together and post it online.

Corey Hall Fitness recently put out a fitness challenge.
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The Challenge

This is a timed event which you must complete the following tasks in order.

  • 5 Muscleups
  • 30 Dips
  • 50 Pushups
  • 10 Pullups

Corey posted a video of himself completing the challenge to demonstrate how the exercises are to be done and also provide a time to shoot for.

Participants were asked to Facebook message Corey with a link to their video.

After submissions were in, Corey reviewed and then posted who gave the Top Performance and who gave the Best Effort.

I was awarded Best Effort which was a great payoff for the hard work and training I’ve been putting in, especially the past 12 months.

This attempt was awarded “Best Effort” by Corey Hall.

There were no prizes or trophies however my video clip was viewed around 500 times and received some nice comments which is a wonderful motivator.

The Benefits

In a fitness challenge, the participant earns a personal validation for completing the task. Along with the sense of pride, there is also the camaraderie among those who committed to the challenge. This is one of the main reasons Tough Mudder and other mud runs have become so popular.

Unlike having to travel to a destination, one benefit of a video challenge is that it allows people from around the world to be engaged. This a great way to build a community and make new connections.

I hope more fitness challenges are developed and posted.

There may even be a doing60 Buffalo Challenge in the near future.

Now get out there and do something.

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