Spartan Workout, chin up old man

I developed this workout to prepare for American Ninja Warrior.

Over the past 20 years I have researched and tried many workout routines. This one is probably the simplest and toughest routine.

The concept is simple. Perform 100 Pull Ups, 100 Dips, 100 Push Ups.

Since you end up with 300 repetitions I have referred to it as the Spartan Workout.

Buffalo Tip: If you develop a workout routine make sure you give it a worthy name. A name that will strike fear in the hearts of those who attempt it. The more challenging it is the tougher the name should be. I was going to name a workout routine “Married for 50 Years” but after I finished the workout and the paramedics revived me I didn’t think the exercises were tough enough warrant the title.

This is how you perform the workout.

Start by performing a set of Pull Ups.

Immediately follow that by performing the same number of Dips.

Immediately follow that by performing the same number of Push Ups

Take a break for 2 minutes, not 2 days, 2 weeks or 2 years.

Repeat until you have accomplished 100 pull ups.

The simple beauty of this workout is threefold.

  1.  It is based on body weight.
  2. It requires minimal equipment.
  3. Anyone can complete this workout once they are capable of doing 1 pull up, 1 dip, and 1 push up. It just takes longer if your sets are only 1 rep.

The satisfaction of finishing this challenge is equally great whether you can only do a couple in a set or knock out 20 – 30 in a set.

This routine is on my 100 Hundred Challenge List.
* Completed 100th session 02/21/2014 – 10,000 PULL UPS


For Pull Ups, I vary my position. I start with a wide grip set, followed by a knuckles over shoulder width, then a knuckles under shoulder width and then a close grip.

Add Weight: Take the strap off your gym bag and hang it over your neck, under your shirt. Grab a plate and clip the weight to the strap. Planet Fitness doesn’t let you wear a weighted dip belt but this works well for weights up to 45 lb plate.

Push Ups can be varied as well. Because my push up strength is fairly well developed, I substitute dumbbell standing shoulder presses and lunges. I’m using 40-50% of body weight for the dumbbells. Example: body weight 180 lbs., 50% BW is 90 lbs. so I would use a pair of 45 lb. dumbbells.

Give it try.


Great Buffalo

The Great Buffalo

If you complete a Spartan Workout, The Great Buffalo will award you 500 wheat berries. 

If you complete 100 Spartan Workouts, The Great Buffalo will let you drink upstream from the herd when you reach that pasture in the sky.


One thought on “Spartan Workout, chin up old man

  1. Tommy Ingram

    Randy- Love your blog…great inspiration! I’m going to give your workout a try and will report back. Here’s a varity of the same exercise that’s called UP THE HILL, DOWN THE HILL.
    Start with 1 pullup, 1 dip and 1 pushup…then 2 of each…then 3 of each(and so on) till you reach 10 (top of the hill) then you work your way back down the hill and finish with 1. Works out to be 100 of each each exercise. It’s just a different way of doing what you just described. Keep the posts coming…would love to get a buffalo poster for my workout room:)

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