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50th Wedding Anniversary





As we age, our perspective changes and the questions we ask change from “Does this make me look fat?” to “Has my life been relevant?



And in the case of marriage we ask, has this body of work, which at times was joyful, at other times painful,  produced something worthy. Does it measure up to the effort it required over the last 50 years? Is there a reward for bringing life into this world.



Is there a payoff for ushering children into adulthood. Does a look from a grandchild’s face somehow balance the books?


With two children and five grandchildren the clan is growing. The culture of Bobby and Gwen are imprinted on them and it would not be surprising if in several generations there is a great great grandchild that insists on washing the bananas and is able to maneuver through a public restroom without touching any surface. There may be a young man in the future on his way to deliver an important speech, only to find his jacket snagged in a taxi’s door as it drives away, dragging him along.


When these stories are told around a dinner table in another 50 years, glasses will be raised and the clan will call out. To Bobby,,, To Gwen.


There is remarkable history in this family thanks to  Bobby and Gwen’s strong will, solid bond and  goodhearted wit. It doesn’t hurt to have stunning looks, intelligence and  patience, lots and lots of patience.


50 years ago, 1963, a dapper young Irishman with ambition to go beyond the mill town, and a French Canadian beauty, both rising scholars took that big leap of faith.


It required faith in themselves and faith in each other.  Now 18,250 days and nights later they still share a bed and share a heart They know what each other will order off a menu and they know each other’s gifts and faults. In some areas they know the other better than they know themselves.

“Where are my keys, hat, notebook, glasses, shoes, book, phone…”

“They are where you always put them.” is the reply.

Bobby and Gwen not only inspire us but also are what we aspire to.

They have built a strong harbor from which young lives have sailed, knowing if seas turned rough, there was always a safe place to anchor. That is until the harbor master brings out the coats, signaling it’s time to sail on.

Dear Bobby and Gwen

Do clothes make you look fat?  Not from this angle.

Are your lives relevant?  Relevant and so much more.

We can only hope to follow in your footsteps. You are  friend, mentor and positive  influence on the many people who’ve been fortunate enough to know you both.

We toast your body of work, your relevant lives and your wonderful family.




Bobby’s Tennis Group

They are all Well Aged Athletes