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Wrestling out! Mantathlon in!


Wrestling has been dropped from 2020 Olympic Games


They dropped Wrestling, a sport heralding back to early Greece, a sport which can be supported by most high schools around the world but they kept Pentathlon. Unbelieveable!

The modern pentathlon was invented by Baron Pierre de Coubertin, the founder of the modern Olympic Games. The name derives from the Greek penta- “five” and -athlon “contest”. The addition of modern to the name distinguished it from the original pentathlon of the ancient Olympic Games, which consisted of the stadion foot race, wrestling, long jump, javelin, and discus. As the events of the ancient pentathlon were modeled after the skills of the ideal soldier of that time, Coubertin created the contest to simulate the experience of a 19th-century cavalry soldier behind enemy lines: he must ride an unfamiliar horse, fight with pistol and sword, swim, and run.


Here is a picture of athletes training for the modern Pentathlon.

OK, maybe swinging a saber and shooting pistols on horseback makes for better TV, but Honey Boo Boo had a lot of viewers and I’m guessing they also have guns and swords and have done stuff with horses. It still doesn’t make it better.

How many schools can outfit a pentathlon team with horses, guns, sabers and a pool?

“Johnny, you have Pentathlon practice tonight, don’t forget to pack your gun and saber”

“Thanks Mom, oh Mom, did you pick up ammo, I’m almost out”

“Of course dear, now you be careful out there and don’t get shot.”

“OK Mom, love you”

The whole idea is crazy so what would be a better replacement?



This event was thought up by some folks over at T-Nation, a hard core weightlifter site. I like the idea of this event. It is based upon an athlete’s body weight which levels the playing field.

This is a pretty good way to measure your strength.

Rules of the Mantathlon

Event Time 20 mins.

(5 elements. You perform as many reps, up to 20 in event. You get one try. You may rest as long as you want between as long as you complete all within 20 mins.)

You get one attempt for maximal reps during the competition.

Once you start your bench press test the clock begins. You have 20 minutes to complete all the tests.
Any repetitions completed after 20 minutes have elapsed won’t count toward your point total.

You must perform the tests in order, but the rest you take between tests is up to you.

Let’s say your name is Peter F and you weigh 195 lbs., this would be your set up.

Body Weight 195
Half Body Weight; 97.5 lbs
1/4 Bodyweight 48.5 lbs

1. Bodyweight Bench Press for Reps: 195 lbs up to 20 reps
2. Bodyweight Chin-ups for Reps up to 20 reps
3. Half-Bodyweight Overhead Press for Reps: 97.5 lbs up to 20
4. 1.25 Bodyweight Dips for Reps 48.5 lbs up to 20 reps
5. Half-Bodyweight Barbell Curl for Reps: 97.5 lbs. up to 20 reps


A very important point: if you reach 20 repetitions on any exercise, that’s the maximum score.
Even if you can do more, 20 signifies the end.

Once you’ve performed all five events or run out of time, add up your total number of reps.
A total score of 100 is the ultimate goal for this test.

Rating Scale:

0-10 = Low Man on totem pole
10-20 = Skinny Man or Man Boobs
20-30 = Average Man
30-40 = Wing Man
40-50 = Door Man
50-60 = Athletic Man
60-70 = He Man
70-80 = Super Man
80-90 = Mega Man
90-100 = Man of War


Man of War — Game On!

100+ = Man of Buffalo!

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