Monthly Archives: December 2013

A Year of Pushups


January 1st, 2013 I rolled out of bed, dropped to the floor and did 1 set of 100 pushups  and did this every morning for a year.

What did I learn from this experience? What did I gain?

I learned to be careful about what resolutions to make.

Physically, I did not gain much if anything. Your body adjusts to doing a repetitive exercise. Even with some variation in position, the gains are few.

I learned there is a fear which well aged athletes must tackle and that is the fear that you cannot do today what you did yesterday. Every morning I worried that this might be the morning I fail to make 100.

I gained the belief that I can reach beyond what I thought were my limits. Things I thought were impossible must now be reconsidered. This not only applies to me, but to everyone.

In my younger days I would have been pounding my chest with much bravado but now I look back and wonder what other things might have been possible had I been willing to try a bit harder.

I have a number of 100 Hundred challenges that I’m working to complete. Some are newly started and some almost 2 years old and still going. Some are fairly easy to do, like 100 headstands for 100 seconds and some are really tough. There is a challenge that I have been working on for 8-12 months just to get to the point where I can perform and hold the move for 5 seconds. I want to do this move 100 times where I hold it for at least 10 seconds. It will still take another couple months before I can start the 100 count.

The new year is upon us and the possibilities are many.

Buffalo Tip: Start your own 100 Hundred Challenge this year. You’re capable of achieving more than you think.

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