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10,000 Pull Ups

March 29, 2012 was the first session of a workout I would soon learn to hate.

Last session February 21, 2014 and still hate it.

This is another 100 Hundred Challenge. The goal is to complete this workout 100 times performing sets of 100.

It’s a simple idea, perform 100 pull ups, 100 dips and 100 push ups in one workout session.

Start by performing a set of pull ups, follow this immediately with the same number of dips and then the same number of push ups. Rest for two minutes and repeat until 100 reps of each have been completed.

Since you end up performing 300 reps I refer to it as the Spartan Workout.

I wanted a workout that requires very basic equipment and is based on body weight.  Body weight levels the challenge among athletes of varying body types.

If you can perform 1 pull up, 1 dip and 1 push up then you can do this workout. It may take longer but the results will be waiting for you.

There is a purity to these basic exercises and people around world train them.

Freestyle Calisthenics is a sport that has grown out of these exercises. Watch this clip to see why this sport is catching fire.

“There were no One Arm Elbow Levers in the video… hmmm… stay tuned”

Over the two years the workout settled into a pattern.

  • 1st set of pull ups are performed using a Wide Grip.
  • 2nd set are performed with Underhand grip
  • 3rd set are performed with Overhand grip
  • 4th set are performed with Close grip.
  • I repeat this grip rotation until done.

After 60 sessions, I began adding weight by hanging a 45 lb. or 25 lb plate.
Planet Fitness doesn’t allow dip belts so I take the strap off my gym bag and run it across my shoulders under my shirt. Clipping on a plate is simple and it works well. Be careful if you try this. I broke one set of plastic clips on a strap and almost smashed my foot.

Because I was also doing 100 pushups everyday during 2013 I dropped the push ups in this workout and substituted shoulder presses with 40 lb. dumbbells then later switched to lunges with 40 lb. dumbbells.

To get a little bit extra out of the rest periods I balance on one leg for 1 minute and switch. Checking my training log I’ve spent over 6 1/2 hours balancing on each leg or what we call in Orlando “a day at the theme parks”. American Ninja Warrior always has a couple obstacles requiring balance and I’m hopeful this exercise will help if I get another chance.

There were some goals reached. I learned to do Muscle Ups and Front Lever. I performed 30 pull ups in strict form.

10,000 Pull Ups
10,000 Pull Ups

Some goals are still out of reach.
My Back Lever is not 100%,
One Arm Pull Up still requires additional training.

Buffalo Tip: You do not need a gym for a great workout.

I am still amazed how doing a little everyday adds up to so much over time. Substitute words of kindness for pull ups and think how you could shape your life with 10,000 words of kindness.

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