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 Circle of Seven Kindle version available on Amazon.

My son and I worked together on this story over the course of a few years with the promise to one day turn it into a book. Well here it is.

Circle of Seven Kindle Edition
Circle of Seven available on Amazon

The Circle of Seven was developed as a fast paced read for young adults from 8 – 17 years of age. It is a book that a parent and child can read together and complete within a week.



  • An aging king on another world who is also a Keeper of the crystals. He must pass the stewardship of the crystals to another before his health fails him.


  • Son of Denotar. Self possessed and ambitious. Traiton is willing to do anything to possess the crystals.


  • Traiton’s twin brother. Frailyon prefers the serenity of farm life over life in the castle.


  • A young soldier for the king. He comes from a long line of soldiers and understands honor and duty.


  • A mercenary now serving the king’s forces as a commander. He has made a deal with Traiton which he hopes will make him rich.


  • An adopted outcast who serves the king as a personal servant.


  • A young squid like creature on the planet Nogloa who signed up with the military to impress his girlfriend.

Group of young people who find crystals on Earth.


  • At 11 he is the youngest of the group. He is curious and determined to learn everything about the crystals.


  • She is in gifted classes, which she doesn’t care for very much. Her main interest is All Star Cheerleading. She is smart, strong and a drama queen.


  • Jake lost his leg when one of his father’s lions broke loose. His father is a lion trainer for an animal attraction. The incident with the lion also lead his mother to divorce his father and move away. Jake helps his father care for the cats and understands pain both physical and emotional.


  • Lives on a boat with her mother who is a marine biologist in New Zealand. She is a tomboy surfer girl who can carry her weight and is always looking for an adventure.


  • The oldest of the group. He is intelligent and has Asperger’s Syndrome which causes him to be very analytical but he functions in life with almost no emotion.

Relationship Elements:

  • There are a number of relationship elements presented in the book.
  • A father must handle betrayal of his son.
  • A soldier must question how far the call of duty can push him beyond his own moral code.
  • Another must face the loss of a brother in battle.
  • Several must confront personal fears in order to help another.
  • The challenge of acceptance or rejection in a group setting.

Reading Games

The opening of the book lists a number of reading games to help parents make the reading experience fun for even the most hesitant young reader.

This is one example of a fun reading game inspired by Victor Borge’s Phonetic Punctuation.


 I hope you will download this book and give it a read. If you share this with a young reader I would very much appreciate your feedback.

I would especially like to hear from teachers.

A portion of the proceeds from Circle of Seven will be donated to Wildlife Companions.

If you would like to help, please visit.



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Father and son reading
Father and son reading


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