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This page has a collection of videos posted to youtube.

Barstarzz Challenge Success


Cyr Wheel and Balance Progress Clips 07/18/2016

Cyr Wheel Progress Clips. 70-75 hours logged. 03/08/2015

Training Clip Oct/Nov 2014

Flag, Handstands, Kip to whipback, Feet Hang, OAEL

Barstarzz Challenge Fail


One Arm Elbow Lever: Tips and Techniques


360Muscleup, OAEL, Handstand on Posts Progress Clip




Progress Clip 07/13/14

Progress Clip 04/26/14

7 second Flag, 52 second One Arm Elbow Lever and L-Sit to Handstand 30 second.

American Ninja Warrior Season 6 Submission Video

Training Clip: Flag, OAEL, L-Sit to Handstand 3/21/14

The music is from a clip on youtube by Tommy Emmanuel. It’s as much fun to watch him play as it is to listen to.

Progess Clip 04/06/2014

Corey Hall Fitness Challenge

5 Muscle Ups, 30 Dips, 50 Push Ups, 10 Pull Ups. Timed 5:36

This attempt was awarded “Best Effort” by Corey Hall. The award means a lot to me as I’ve always had great respect for those who keep pushing even though they are not the best.

If you want to learn more about calisthenics and workouts visit Corey Hall Fitness

A little better form. Go Hawkeyes!

The Brickshaw

I walked 100 miles in 2011 with this thing as a bucket list challenge.

Training Clips December 2013

Slackline #1

Slackline #2

Sand Sailing

Back in the late 1980’s I was one of the early enthusiasts of this activity. The activity still lacks a real name. It has such names as Dirtsurf, Streetsail, Speedsail and others. I have a 3 wheel board and a 4 wheel board. Here is a brief clip from a recent vacation at Hilton Head, SC.

Bar Brothers FL Challenge

Bar Brothers Florida is a couple talented guys demonstrating skills in the growing sport known as “Freestyle Calisthenics”. They put out a challenge.
The Challenge: 20 Dips, 5 Pull Up Hand Claps, 5 Leg Lifts, 10 Muscle Ups (*in 5 min)

Salmon Ladder 1st Attempt

Skiing in Cowboy Boots

Walking Around Savage Race

Marine World Africa USA Water Ski Show 1982

Jump in the wayback machine.

Angel’s Inspire

Top Gun Orlando, formerly Orlando All Stars, is owned and operated by my wife. It has been a part of our lives since 2000. I have witnessed some of the most amazing athletic achievements, both individual and team over the past 10+ years. Our daughter Madison is on this Angels performance. I’m especially proud of her accomplishments.

This video was put together as an inspiration piece for the Angels when they competed in World’s.

The motivational talk is outstanding! I have it on my workout playlist and listen to it almost daily.

Enjoy and congratulations to all the members of Top Gun Orlando!

And just for fun, Guy On A Buffalo

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